Hydrosport 828 / 909


Hydrosport 828 “Papa Bravo”

This Hydrosport RIB will be built to the specifications of one of the owners of Roda Boats. The boat must be a headturner on one side but also suitable for amateur racing. After doubting between the 909 with 2*200hp engine and a 828 with 1*300hp the choice fell on the 828. If the joystick of Yamaha had been available the choice would have been the 909. Both have some advantages over each other but the choice fell on the 828 for the bigger autonomy and lower running costs.

The wishes for the “Papa Bravo” where:

  • Top speed 60+ knots
  • Sufficient autonomy (200+ nautical miles)
  • Headturner and showcase of the Hydrosport capabilities
  • Comfortable family boat (BBQ, snorkelling, wakeboarding ect)

The prototype of 828 is the 808 model, which were both built and designed by Eddy Johansen. This design from Eddy was capable of 53 knots with a single 225hp engine. The 828 with 300hp engine should be good for 60+ knots.

The base of the boat:

Hydrosport RIB 828 VFi, back Seat and 300L Fuel Tank

Big console with lounge chairs

Leaning post with Cobb BBQ (no refrigerator)

Polyester anchor bow for easy anchoring.

The engine and rigging of the boat:

Yamaha 300 hp  V6 drive by wire.

Yamaha Y6C multi-function display

AMG battery 60A and built-in main switch

Separate additional fuel filter

Hydraulic racing steering from Sea Star.

Options for the boat:

Cobb barbeque

Stainless steel dashboard with iPad integration

Navigation lights

Radio with Bluetooth and 4 speakers

Antifouling (epoxy-primer combined with racing anti-fouling)

Turbo swing towing bar

G2 synthetic teak

T-top (with possibility for donut/wakeboard on the roof) and extension

Turbo-swing for water skiing, wakeboarding or donut

Stainless steel dashboard with iPad integration and navigation

Silvertex sunbed for front.



L.O.A.:9,09 m
Beam inflated:2,95 m
Beam deflated:2,30 m
Internal beam:1,57 m
Tube diameter:1,85 m
Weight from:1050 kg
Fuel:300 l
Engine:1x300-350 hp / 2x150-225 hp