VFI stepped hull

VFI stands for Ventilated Flow Interrupter, or stepped hull. This stepped hull is a uniquely shaped bottom profile, so that you, as a boat owner, are able to achieve much better performance than others with a comparable Rib of the same length. We have applied this VFI technology to all our Ribs.
Not every "step" in the bottom of a boat gives the right sailing characteristics. This requires an excellent insight into water movement and boat design. Our broad experience, combined with constant tests and imrpovements allowed us to master this technique to perfection, which is also evident from the feedback of our clients.

Storage space

Hydrosport’s storage space is beyond expectations!
We provide the largest, and deepest locker options available. This offers easy access for wake boards, waterskis and your personal belongings.


Self-bailing boats, or self-bailing hulls, are designed to remove water from the boat deck or cockpit area. The water is discharged overboard through the transom, the "back wall" of the boat. Self-bailing, actually being somewhat of a misnomer, means that gravity and momentum are used to rid a boat of unwanted water.

Made to measure

Quality built

Orca tubes

ORCA fabrics offer high resistance to UV, abrasion and extreme temperatures. They are designed for professional or leisure inflatable structures to be used on the water and permanently exposed to sun, sea and weather. ORCA range is available in more than 30 colors and 4 surface finishings.

Wood free

Lloyds approved glass fibers

In the production of all our boats only the glass fiber products, which are approved by Lloyds Register are used.

Sealed deck to tubes

The sealed Deck-to-tube air-water resistive barriers are applied to prevent water leakages and moisture ingression in a variety of new and existing structures.


The stainless steel soft close struts, fitted to locker lids, reduce door slam and maintain a smooth closing action. Flush closing stainless steel cleats have a modern design and practical userbility. The stainless steel drain grates, over the stern self draining system, stop obstruction blocking the free flowing water ways. Metal enfused shatter proof plixiglass screens.

Hand built


Textured decks

An anti-slip textured deck finish, used in our boats, has been designed to provide a comfortable walking surface. The finish has a comfortable grit texture to give feet and shoes something to grip onto, reducing the risk of accident no matter what the weather.

Easy access

Our RIBs offer a very comfortable and safe stern watersports access. The stainless steel telescopic ladder hinges and drops down allowing access from the water. After accessing the rib onto a flat platform, a port gangway will lead you into the free draining deck.

Go anywhere


It means that our boats are built to navigate on the offshore waters (200 miles and less) and can substain up to wind force 8 and waves up to 4 meters.

Big tanks

We supply our boats with fuel tanks up to 300 l, which gives you freedom in navigating long distances without having risk of getting out of combustible.

Optional suspension seats

Beside providing better Shock Mitigation than any other seats, they are lighter in weight, require no maintenance and reduce risk of injuries and physical fatique, so totally overcome usual jockey seats in terms of comfort and safety.



The top is tall enough to stand under, and provides shade and rain protection for 2 or more passengers. The T-Top is distinguished from other boat tops in that the entire structure is attached to the center console area, with no support brackets or straps connected to the outside of the boat, thereby providing 360-degree access around the boat for fishing and water activities.


The new dynamic trim-control system which revolutionises the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption.

Various transoms